Depuis 1895

"Le monde tourne sur Spencer"

Spencer Forge est certifiée ISO 9001:2008


Since 1895, we have maintained a company philosophy built on four cornerstones: Quality, Reliability, Versatility and Service.  Spencer remains family-owned and operated, and we are committed to strengthening our country by sourcing and manufacturing exclusively within the United States.  Spencer is a veteran-owned small business.


The town of Spencer, Ohio was founded in 1823.  A rural community located about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland, its main activity was agriculture. As the years passed and Cleveland began to develop into an industrial giant, Spencer Manufacturing began its operations. Our first products came out of the forge in 1895. By 1920, we were producing axles for agriculture, and in 1932, the first torsion bars were made.


From 1941 until the end of World War II, Spencer contributed heavily to the war effort. Suspension products for Sherman tanks and dozens of other essential parts were made to help support our country's goals and protect our troops, an effort that continues to this day. Over the years, we have expanded our line of military products to include parts for the Abrams tank and various other fighting vehicles.  Spencer has also continuously broadened its capabilities to meet the needs of our growing number of commercial customers.


Today, Spencer Forge and Manufacturing is housed in an 80,000 square-foot complex.  We draw our work force from the rural community surrounding Spencer, Ohio, which in turn we actively support.  We are proud of the dedication that our employees bring to their work each and every day.





Reflecting our commitment to the future, Spencer is proud to welcome the next generation into our management team!  We have deepened and widened our staff to include individuals who have lived and worked in a half dozen foreign countries and who pride themselves on their technological acumen.  When paired with our existing staff's tradition of manufacturing excellence, our emphasis on technological and international growth will enhance our quality and service for all of our customers.


In concert with our renewed focus on harnessing the newest technologies to enhance our manufacturing processes and broaden our capabilities, we have targeted engineers with cutting-edge abilities.  Further, while expanding our relationships with existing customers, we have undertaken a comprehensive effort to supply new customers, bridging industries and global markets.  As we work​ to grow our customer base, we will stay true to our mission of continual improvement and service to our local community and our existing family of customers.

Our corporate journey going forward will stand on the core principles that have gotten us to this point: Quality, Reliability, Versatility and Service.

We look forward to building our future together with you, and invite you to find out why the world turns on Spencer!


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