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End-to-end Axle Processing



Spencer's forging capacity starts with our six Upset Forge machines ranging in size from 3" to 7".  These extremely durable machines, operated by our highly-skilled personnel, can accept bar stock diameters as small as 1" and as big as 6", with finished diameters ranging from 1.5" to 10". In line with best industry practices, we use induction coils to heat raw material to forging temperatures.

As part of our manufacturing process, we include in-house die-design and die-making capabilities that allow us to control costs, make efficient use of raw material, and save time for our customers.



We offer a variety of CNC machining operations that can be applied to our own forgings, bar stock, and parts supplied by customers. These operations include Turning and Threading, Spline and Straight Tooth Gear Cutting, Spline and Thread Rolling, Straightening, Face & Centering, Milling, Drilling, Boring and Tapping, and OD Grinding, among many others.

Machining our own forgings to finished part specifications compounds savings and reduces lead-times for our customers.


Heat Treating

Heat treating gives our parts the wear and strength characteristics that our customers require. We use a variety of furnaces to carburize, normalize, temper, anneal and quench parts up to 120" in length. Our CNC induction scanning machines scan parts up to 94" in length at customized case depths.

In addition to the above, we Stress-Relieve, Surface-Prep, and Surface-Finish through shot peening, shot blasting, wirebrushing, grinding and rustproofing.



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